Hemp Wick

There are always more sustainable options for doing just about anything these days. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, there’s an eco-friendly option. We hope you’ll add hemp wicks to your list of ideas after reading this.

Now for those people who still have the need for a light, be it for a cigarette, a campfire or your fire pit in the back yard, there is always a more sustainable and healthier way.

It is incredible how many unhealthy toxins come out from the matches we use to light birthday candles.

Likewise, smoking cannabis can get unhealthy if you use a common lighter. A hemp wick is a great alternative for all of these needs.

What is hemp wick?

Similar to a regular candle wick, a hemp wick is a fantastic substitute to use when you need to light something.

Removing the need for toxins and synthetic lighters, hemp wicks are great at catching and retaining flame. Also, they burn slowly and you can control the length of the wick easily.

How do they make it?

Hemp takes about four months to mature in a field. Manufacturers harvest the hemp and then separate the fibers to use in a number of different products.

After the 90 to 120 days of cultivation of the hemp plants, the fibers are removed and spun into a string.

That string is then coating in bee-wax, dried, and rolled into a ball or spool. Lastly, it’s ready for someone to buy it.

What are the benefits of hemp wick?

As previously mentioned, the strong, long and stringy fibers make the hemp twine exceptionally strong. Twine then, in turn, make the hemp wick exceptionally strong as well.

Once coated in wax, it provides a significantly slow burn with a large flame. Also, it has a great & natural aroma. Finally, it’s perfect for those tricky jobs that matches or a lighter simply won’t do.

For example, sometimes you need a flame to last a long time. Matches burn out too fast, but you also don’t want to inhale the fumes from a regular lighter.

That’s the perfect situation to use a hemp wick. The constant flame makes it easy to light anything.

From lighting a birthday cake with more than a few candles to lighting kindling without burning your fingers, hemp wick is your friend.

Why do we need it?ย 

There is no doubt that global warming is affecting our planet. The facts are indisputable, the ice-caps are melting, and small island nations are getting smaller! Because of all this, we need to take action.

But what can we do in our daily lives? Well, choosing hemp over synthetic materials is a step in the right direction.

Hemp doesn’t require pesticides to grow. Also, it uses very little water. Furthermore, it is a carbon-negative crop with no carbon footprint. All those things make it an awesome crop to use today and into the future.

Every time you choose to buy something made of hemp, you choose to help the planet. That means you can feel good about these purchases.

Where can I get hemp wick?

Hemp wick is available online and at smoke shops due to its popularity with the pot-smoking community.

It’s great to use when you want to light a bowl or joint. Since it stays lit for a long time, you don’t have to worry about igniting a lighter every few puffs.

You can find hemp wick in your local smoke shops. Just ask anyone working there to point you in the right direction.

If you’d rather find some online, that’s fine, too. You can check out Hemper and RAW for a few ideas.

Also, lots of people put up nifty tutorial videos on how to use this eco-friendly wick with a traditional lighter. Basically, you can wrap it around the lighter from the bottom to the top.

Leave a bit exposed at the top to ignite and then keep lit. It’s pretty easy.

If you’d like to use hemp wick in making homemade candles, you can do that too. Just stop into your local craft store to get all your candle supplies.

If they don’t have hemp wick, you can get it from a smoke shop or the online retailers we just mentioned.

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