Hemp Tinctures

A hemp tincture is a herbal extract that is concentrated and designed to pack a powerful punch for your health.

Hemp tinctures typically refer to CBD tinctures that come from the hemp plant.

The concentrated form allows for the herbs and minerals in the CBD oil or hemp extract to enhance and support your health.

As a natural plant, hemp is powerful. And it works to add the essential vitamins and fatty acids your body craves to be healthy and inflammation free.

What is a hemp tincture?

The tincture is a dietary supplement just like any other herb or vitamin you might consume on a daily basis.

This natural supplement provides your body with a ton of benefits. These include antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and CBD.

People use CBD to help with chronic pain and some forms of epilepsy. CBD also helps with inflammation, anxiety, and sleep problems.

Be aware that CBD isn’t meant to treat or most diseases. However, the FDA recently approved CBD to treat some forms of epilepsy. This is through the medication Epidolex.

So far, Epidolex is the first and only CBD treatment the FDA has approved.

You might have also heard the term hemp oil. Tinctures are different from this.

Tinctures are more potent. They will vary from the straight hemp oil you might purchase that has not been extracted.

The tinctures are super concentrated, which means you only need a few drops to have good results. Just 2 drops twice a day is enough when you are using hemp tinctures.

Using a dropper, you can add a couple of drops under the tongue. Let it sit there for about 10 seconds and then swallow it.

Why should I use hemp tinctures?

Hemp and CBD tinctures are powerful natural extracts. They can help with heart health, inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

Do you struggle with your health and seek an alternative option for pain relief and stress? Hemp tinctures could be the answer.

You can also use hemp tinctures if you are already healthy as an addition to your diet.

The oils should be prescribed or recommended by a health professional, to ensure you are getting the best tinctures.

Are there any benefits?

The high concentration of CBD works to help with your inflammation and health concerns naturally.

Sustainable and ethical, these natural supplements are powerful and work to provide a safe and THC-free solution to your health issues.

Hemp contains very little THC, about 0.3% or less. However, many brands also remove this tiny amount of THC.

Either way, you can’t get high from taking a CBD oil.

You may just notice a general feeling of relaxation or focus, but not a high feeling.

That’s especially good for patients who are sensitive to THC. The non-psychoactive properties of this tincture also allow children and the elderly to use it.

Some products do contain THC, but they do so on purpose. The label will clearly say that. You might find labels that say there are equal parts of each or labels that say there is more of one than the other.

Also, the government heavily regulates anything with THC. Each state has their own laws around it, so it might be legal in one state but not another.

That’s what’s so great about hemp tinctures. You don’t have to worry about the legality of it. Even stores like Sephora and CVS now sell items with hemp ingredients.

Where do I buy some?

You can buy hemp tinctures from a registered provider. Hemp tinctures are great for your daily health routine. They can add the anti-inflammatory elements you are looking for in your life without the need for harsh medications.

Online, you can find them atย Extract Labs.

Also, people have used the hemp plant for hundreds of years. Today, it offers a wonderful range of health benefits to the consumer.

Hemp can enhance your lifestyle by just adding a couple of drops under your tongue a couple of times a day.

If you like the idea of a THC-free product that will offer the health benefits of hemp, consider hemp tinctures and embrace the power of this wonderful supplement today.

Check out your local hemp providers and ask your doctor to find out more information about the power of hemp.

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