Hemp Purses

Are you looking for a fashionable and ethical accessory to add to your outfit? A hemp purse could be the perfect addition to add style and an ethical element to your favorite clothes.

Hemp purses are fast becoming the accessory of choice for fashion-forward individuals. These people are looking for a fun and fresh approach to their wardrobe.

Made using hemp fibers, these accessories are eco-friendly, strong, and durable. There is a lot to love about using hemp for fashion.

What is a hemp purse?

A hemp purse is made from hemp fibers and is hard-wearing and stylish.

Manufacturers make them by using the fibers from the hemp plant. These fibers are very strong, and in fact, they are some of the longest fibers in nature.

The hemp purse is naturally sourced and ethical.ย  This makes it a great option compared to leather and mass-produced clothing and accessories.

Hemp purses are made from the plant. They are no different to a purse you might purchase that has been made out of cotton, polyester, or synthetic material. It still works the same and looks like a purse, yet it is natural and breathable.

Hemp purses are not just for the flower children in our communities. They are becoming a popular option for anyone looking to support a growing industry.

Benefits of a hemp purse

The reason a hemp purse is popular is due to the fact that they are chemical-free, non-toxic and made from natural materials.

These benefits are the stand out for this product. Buying hemp helps to ensure a fair trade item in a world of highly manufactured purses and handbags.

The natural fibers of the hemp purse mean that the bags are organic and usually handmadeโ€”making sure that the industry stays sustainable and supports lots of artisans who individually make these special and unique items.

Hemp is a super renewable resource. That means there are always plenty of fibers to make more. Unlike fibers that are toxic and unsustainable, hemp is easy to grow and there is always plenty more where it came from.

Using eco-friendly and renewable fiber means that the industry will always continue to grow and thrive. That’s because eco-friendly materials are becoming even more important year after year.

Why you should I get one?

Buying hemp products supports ethical trade and keeps the sustainable world of fashion alive.

Let’s talk a little more about sustainability. To some people, it’s a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. To others, it’s a standard to live by. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you can feel good that hemp is a great thing for our planet.

First of all, it gives us way more useable material than trees or cotton. Compared to trees, it gives us four times the material per acre. And compared to cotton, it’s three times per acre.

That’s great. That means while you enjoy a purse made from hemp, others can enjoy building materials or paper that came from the same hemp crop. Because it’s so versatile, we can always find uses for it.

Also, hemp doesn’t require any pesticides to grow. That makes it really easy to grow organically. If you compare that to cotton, the difference becomes clear.

Cotton uses about 16% of the world’s pesticides. But how much land does it use? Well, it uses only 2.5% of the world’s cropland. That’s crazy.

Hemp doesn’t need pesticides because it has natural anti-microbial properties. And that doesn’t just help farmers who grow it.

That also helps you, too. An anti-microbial bag will resist mold and mildew better than cotton or leather alternatives.

Where can I get one?

By purchasing a hemp product you are ensuring that small artists and hemp producers can continue to thrive and build a business that can exist for years to come.

In today’s world of fast fashion and mass production, a hemp purse can stand out for all the right reasons.

Being ethical, sustainable and natural, hemp purses can help to change society’s passion for toxic and mass-produced accessories and move toward quality purses and products that are sustainable.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find some at markets in the area. You can also find some at Hemptopia and The Hemp Cloud.

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