Hemp Insulation

there’s nothing worse than a drafty home with poor insulation. In fact, it’s not only annoying, but it also costs money. However, instead of using synthetic materials, hemp insulation is a great alternative.

Have you ever been in a home like that? It can feel like it’s impossible to get warm in the winter. Also, it can be hard to cool down in the summer.

And if you have your A/C going, it just makes things worse. Even though it’s cool in the house, it has to work extra hard. That means extra costs on your energy bill.

Hemp insulation is a durable, sustainable product that you can use to insulate your home. Not only will it get the job done, but it will also help the planet in the process.

That’s because people make the product is made from the woody, inner section of the hemp stalk. And hemp is a super eco-friendly and renewable resource.

The material growing in popularity for builders and construction groups around the world, which is a good thing.

Hemp is ideal for individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their environmental sustainability without sacrificing creature comforts.

What is hemp insulation?

The woody fibers inside the hemp stalk make hemp insulation. While people use the stalk for insulation, they use the rest of the plant for other things, too. That means nothing goes to waste.

Hemp hurd is traditionally a bi-product of the fibers. But now that’s the part that people use for insulation. And today, hemp insulation has become popular in its own right, and truly shows the sustainability of the growing and cultivation of hemp.

Hemp insulation is a fantastic alternative to traditional insulation. That’s because it adds an environmentally sustainable element to your building’s carbon footprint.

In fact, the material is carbon-negative. So, if you add enough hemp to a structure, it can even bring the footprint to zero.

Also, hemp insulation is well-known to cut back heating and cooling costs, sometimes up to 50%.

How is hemp insulation made?

After about 90-120 days, farmers harvest the plants. Then, manufacturers process them for their different parts. The seeds go to a range of other uses like food and skincare products.

Also, people use the outer fibers of the plant for fabric and yarn. And the inside of the stalk is what people use for insulation. This is called the hurd, as we mentioned already.

After manufacturers separate the hurd, they press it together in blocks. Next, along with the hurd, they mix in plant-based resins. The resins hold everything together. And at the end, you have the insulation “batting” you see in homes everywhere.

What are the benefits?

Hemp insulation provides an extremely environmentally sustainable alternative for insulation.

This is in large part thanks to the fact it is a bi-product in hemp production. Hemp has a short harvest cycle in comparison to the time and resources required to make traditional insulation.

This alternative provides a platform for disruption for the logging industry, which has been damaging the environment for literally hundreds of years.

That’s because hemp can replace wood in a number of ways. From construction and fiberboard to hardwood planks, the eco-friendly plant is the answer.

In fact, it gives us four times the useable material that trees do per acre. That’s awesome. Plus, these plants grow back four times per year, which is amazing.

Why do we need insulation made from hemp?

Hemp insulation can be cultivated at a faster rate, with less environmental impact and lower carbon footprint.

Hemp offers sustainable housing solutions to many who donโ€™t have a home in regions that can easily grow hemp thanks to the lack of water required in cultivation.

If you are a builder or a homeowner, hemp insulation is a great alternative. Furthermore, if you’re a contractor, you can look into using it for your clients.

Made ethically and sustainably, hemp is a modern and eco-friendly option for keeping your home warm or cool.

Where can I get it?

There is a number of building supply groups who provide insulation made from hemp products in their construction and building range.

If you’d like to learn more about this product, you can check out Black Mountain Insulation and Eco Home.

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