Hemp Granola

There’s nothing quite like waking up to a nice bowl of granola and yogurt. Want to make it even better? Go with hemp granola.

This eco-friendly granola is crunchy and satisfying. Also, it gives you a huge amount of nutrients. From omega fatty acids and antioxidants to protein and vitamins, it has you covered.

You can enjoy it with almond milk or dairy-free yogurt. You can even double the effects by using hemp yogurt. Add a hemp smoothie to max it out, and you may even turn green yourself.

No, you wouldn’t in reality, of course. But you’d be getting so many nutrients that your body wouldn’t know what to do with them. Figuratively speaking.

Granola is also a great snack to take on the road or camping. You really dont’ need to put it over anything else to really enjoy it.

And have you ever made rice crispy treats before? How about substituting some hemp granola for the rice? Of course, it would still have marshmallow and a lot of sugar. But it would no doubt be healthier.

What is hemp granola?

This amazing granola is one of the healthiest options on the market. And that’s thanks to the superfood hemp.

This granola has oats, nuts, and hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds are a fantastic source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is safe to say, hemp seeks are pretty damn good for you. Gluten-free, they are also a great source of natural protein for vegans. There is little not to like about hemp granola.

Hemp granola is a healthy, alternative cereal, filled with grains, nuts, and berries, to provide a great start to anyone’s day.

How do they make it?

Of course, there are different versions. However, some things you can find in many recipes are rolled oats, slivered almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, and coconut oil.

For flavoring, brands can also include cinnamon, vanilla extract, honey, maple syrup, salt, and raisins. Of course, hemp hearts (hulled seeds) are the star of the show.

It’s filled with all things awesome. Also, it’s different from regular granola, which is often loaded with sugar and is sold as “healthy” but it is simply is not.

Hemp granola uses only natural, barely processed foods, and certainly no processed sugar. It’s a wholesome food that is ready for eating.

What are the benefits of hemp granola?

There are countless benefits from cutting out unhealthy breakfast foods and exchanging them for hemp granola. It’s filled with protein which the body needs to effectively run on. Also, it has good unsaturated fats, all nine essential amino acids, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The benefits are vast.

From weight loss to increased brain function, organ health, diabetes management, anti-inflammatory properties, the list goes on.

Why do we need it?

Have you checked the back of your cereal packet lately? Wow, you don’t have to look far for huge amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, little to no nutritional value and artificial colors and flavors.

Think about who is eating cereal at your home. Your family and your children need healthy energy. We need to ensure that the habit of healthy eating starts at home.

We need hemp granola because by eating healthy food every day, you will enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle—its that simple.

Lastly, hemp seeds and hearts come from an extremely renewable resource. Hemp gives us more useable fibers than trees or cotton and requires no pesticides. Also, it uses way less water than cotton.

Furthermore, you can grow hemp in a variety of climates around the world. That makes it a very versatile crop that we can depend on for many things.

Where can I get hemp granola?

You can find this healthy food from many specialty stores around the country. Also, you can find it online from Nature’s Path and Nuts.com.

There are countless recipes online that allow you to make it yourself. Why not add your personal touch, making a fresh batch once a week when you are watching a show on TV?

Sometimes eating healthy seems expensive. When you purchase all your ingredients in bulk and from the right stores, not only can your hemp granola experience be personalized, but it can save you money too.

Don’t just take our word for it, start living happier and healthier today, try hemp granola.

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