Hemp Feed

Just like humans, animals can enjoy significant benefits from eating diets with vitamins and minerals. Hemp feed presents a unique opportunity for farmers who want to give their animals the best nutrition possible.

Adding a natural plant-based food such as hemp to an animals feed is a great option. It can be an effective way to ensure they are getting the essential minerals and nutrients needed to stay healthy and in top physical condition.

If you treat your pet or animal as family, hemp feed could be a wonderful way to provide them with the best nutrition.

What is hemp feed?

Hemp feed is an animal feed that uses hemp seeds or hearts in the meal. Hemp seeds are often included in the meal, pellets, or feed that animals for their daily diet.

By adding this natural superfood to your animal’s diet, you can pack in the health benefits.

Also, many people still have misconceptions about hemp. It’s actually completely different from marijuana. They are both varieties of the cannabis plant, but there is a lot that sets them apart.

The main thing is that hemp has very little THC. The plants have 0.3% THC or under, which basically has no effect on your nervous system. Also, certain parts of the plant have less THC than others.

The seeds can even contain 0%. And that means they are healthy and safe for your animals. You can feel good about providing them with the tremendous benefits from the natural superfood.

Do you want to offer your pet the best feed? Consider hemp in your feed and add the extra copper, iron, zinc, and minerals they need.

Also, there are some misconceptions on the legality of hemp in animal feed. The 2018 Farm Bill allowed people to cultivate and research hemp, however, it still leaves a lot of power in the hands of individual states.

It’s basically up to each state to decide on using this plant in animal fodder. As of January 2019, there were 41 states that allowed it. That means there may be a few that still don’t.

Always see what local authorities have to say before you start feeding hemp to your farm animals.

Are there any benefits?

Many farmers use hemp in their feed to give cattle high amounts of omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids work to support cardiovascular health and boost vitality. Additionally, hemp also provides an array of antioxidants.

Hemp is natural and greenโ€”both in color and for the planet. Plus, people produce it ethically and trade it fairly.

The plant is easy to come across and works well when added to feed.

Being an ethical and sustainable plant means hemp is great for our planet and society. Also, it’s easy to grow in a wide range of climates globally.

As well as being packed with goodness, hemp feed has a nutty and delicious taste that cows and animals love. The taste is unique to the hemp plant and adds a little bit of flavor to an ordinarily plain feed.

Since the plant doesn’t require pesticides to grow, you can keep those toxins away from your animals. It’s perfect for farmers and individuals looking for a safe feed product that is non-toxic.

How do you make it?

People make this animal fodder by adding hemp seeds to the feed. You can either get this as a pre-made product or you can add hemp seeds to the feed you already have.

Back when hemp was naturally growing, animals would be able to graze on the plant as they pleased.

As we stated earlier, if you’re raising animals for human consumption, your state may not allow hemp feed. However, as time goes on, we can expect more states to come on board.

Why should I buy hemp feed?

You should buy it if you are interested in keeping your animals healthy.

Hemp is also a great way to incorporate a sustainable and green product in your daily life. Animals enjoy hemp thanks to its taste and it offers plenty of health benefits for animals that graze.

You’ll add in the essential fatty acids and vitamins that your cattle or pets are missing out on in traditional products and feed.

For bulk hemp hearts you can use in feed, try Bulk Hemp Warehouse or Blue Mountain Organics.

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