Hemp Coffee

These days, you can find hemp in just about everything, And coffee is no different.

Hemp coffee is a little more unique than your standard cup of joe. People infuse it with hemp seeds to give it a nutty and delicious taste.

This eco-friendly drink has a subtle taste and offers all the benefits you rely on from hemp. That includes anti-inflammation properties as well as many more benefits.

Whether you enjoy your coffee in pods or you grind your beans and brew a cup yourself in a coffee machine, it doesn’t matter. You can enjoy a roasted blend to gain all the extra benefits that only hemp can offer.

Enjoying this alternative brew is not just good for your health. It is also a great way to support green causes and promote the health of the environment.

Hemp plants are easy to grow and sustainable, and hemp coffee is another great way to support fair trade too.

What is hemp coffee?

Hemp coffee is basically coffee beans that have been infused with toasted hemp seeds. Also, people can make this by infusing the beans with hemp oil.

The hemp plant is well-known for its organic and natural benefits. For example, it can help you lower your cholesterol and keep your heart health under control.

While the modern world jumps on board the benefits of hemp, people have used it for hundreds of years for health and medicinal purposes.

Coffee made using hemp is great for the immune system and can help with managing anxiety. The hemp plant is also ethically grown and sustainable. And that makes it a wonderful natural alternative to coffee without the infusion of hemp.

How do people make it?

Just like any food or product, each hemp coffee blend is unique. However, the main process pretty much remains the same.

First, you need to use the best coffee beans. Next, you need hemp extract to infuse with the beans.

The coffee beans are roasted and then infused with the oil. While there is an extra nutty taste to the bean, you won’t smell the strong cannabis smell that marijuana can bring.

What are the benefits of drinking hemp coffee?

The hemp extract or hemp oil found in hemp coffee has lots of fantastic benefits.

If you have been around hemp enough you would know that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it may help people to reduce stress.

Hemp can also work to lower anxiety and tension. And that’s another reason it’s a great product for your coffee, and any food for that matter.

The product comes from the hemp plant and is 100% sustainable and natural.

Ethically sourced and plentiful, using hemp is a fantastic way to support the environment and enjoy a product that is fair trade.

Where can I buy hemp coffee?

You can buy this alternative brew anywhere you buy good coffee products. The product is legal and is popular for the natural enhancement it provides.

While a lot of hemp these days is sold via specialty stores and online stores, you can buy hemp-infused coffee in a range of coffee outlets.

Hemp does not have the THC that marijuana has, which means it does not provide the dopey or hallucinations that marijuana can.

Have a quick search and you are sure to find plenty of great retailers selling hemp coffee. Online, you can find this alternative brew from Queen of Hearts or Hemp USA.

If you have a coffee roaster you can try infusing yourself, however, you might want to leave it to the experts. It’s best not to burn the beans.

How do I brew it?

The process is no different to making a coffee that way you do every day.

Just boil your water, add in a scoop of your coffee and use a French Press to filter the coffee. Or if you use a coffee machine, you can grind the infused beans and make it your usual way.

The best part of hemp coffee is that you get all the benefits of the coffee with the added benefits of the hemp. Jump on the hemp train next time you are about to choose your coffee beans and enjoy a twist on your usual routine!

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