Hemp Bikinis

Do you love the idea of using a natural fabric for your bikini? Sure, you could go with cotton. But what do you think about a hemp bikini? Contrary to popular belief, hemp fabric doesn’t have to look like it was homemade by someone who wishes the 1960s never ended.

Hitting the beach wearing an ethical and sustainable piece of clothing will make you feel great.

The final product is just as soft as cotton. Plus, it lasts even longer. The hemp fibers used in bikinis are no different from other types of fibers in traditional gear, they are just ethically sourced and sustainable. That means you can have peace of mind about what you wear.

What is a hemp bikini?

Hemp bikinis are made from hemp fabric. This natural fabric is hypoallergenic and organic. Designers can color the fabric with natural dyes to produce any number of styles. They can stand side-by-side with a name-brand cotton bikini.

The focus for a hemp bikini is to step away from mass-produced clothing and use materials that are sustainable.

Hemp is a natural product that is easy to grow. In fact, a full crop grows in about four months. Furthermore, it gives about three times the amount of useable material when compared to cotton for the same acreage. You can be confident that this high-quality product is also great for the environment.

Maybe you think of rough green yarn when you think of hemp. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hemp bikinis of today aren’t usually made from 100% hemp. Designers often blend them with other materials to get the desired softness.

And if you tried on a 100% hemp bikini, you’d notice that it’s just as soft as anything else. At the same time, it’s a very strong material that is super durable.

Are there any benefits?

Using the hemp plant is a natural and innovative way to be kind to the environment and enjoy a product that is eco-friendly.

Gone are the days of having to wear clothing that is mass-produced. Thanks to fibers like hemp, consumers have the choice of what they want to wear and support.

And what’s better to support than the Earth? Hemp plants grow easy with little irrigation. That means farming hemp is gentler on the environment than farming other plants like cotton.

A hemp crop also can grow three and four times a year back to back in the same soil. Also, it uses less space to grow a comparative crop than cotton. All this means it’s a great crop to use today and into the future.

Another benefit of this natural fiber is that it has anti-microbial properties. It resists mold and mildew on its own, which is pretty awesome. That means you don’t have to worry if you forgot to dry your swimsuit for a few days. It would take longer for a hemp swimsuit to get that musty smell than its cotton counterpart.

Hemp fabric keeps its shape and is super absorbent, which makes it a great option when designing swimwear. You can create a range of natural dyes for hemp fabric, so you don’t need to have a drab beige color for your natural and sustainable bikini.

Where can I buy one?

In today’s world, there is a great deal of waste. The planet is suffering thanks to mass-produced and unethical practices in the manufacturing industry. Hemp is a wonderful way to offer an alternative. It’s like a super plant. It gives us a huge amount of useable material per acre, it grows fast, uses less water, and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. What’s better than that?

Often handmade and created in fair trade conditions, hemp bikinis and swimwear support ethical options for people who love the earth.

Stylish and available from a wide range of swimwear designers, hemp fabric is becoming a popular option for bikinis. Where can you get it? Well, depending on where you live, you might be able to find some hemp swimwear in a sustainable boutique near you. If not, you can always try the internet. To start, check out Hemp Huggers and Wama for a few different hemp bikini ideas.

Are you wanting to wear clothes that are sustainable and ethical? Consider hemp for your clothing and explore the exciting world of a durable fabric that will stand the test of time.

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