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HempWiki is the central hub of all the hemp-related information you might need! Hemp is growing as a raw material for industrial purposes and has over 25,000 uses. Each part of the hemp plant is extremely useful and does not go to waste.

From the leaves to the seed and the stalk of the plant, each part is transformed into a useful product. In addition to that, hemp products have amazing medicinal properties and great cellular structure that makes it the green gold of modern society!

Its remarkable medicinal features are making it a rising raw material for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage industries. In simpler words, consumers are taking their daily dose of hemp in whatever way possible.

Moreover, hemp is a versatile ingredient that can be turned into plastic, concrete, cloth, fiber, and paper. It is also used as a fuel and solvent in many industries. To sum it up, the hemp industry is going to be worth 22 billion in the next two years alone! So how can we know more about a product that is taking over the world?

What We Offer to our Readers

That is the motivation behind HempWiki. Whether you’re a cultivator, producer, or a consumer HempWiki is the central resource for all your hemp related queries. Our Team will keep you updated on the latest hemp discoveries, technologies, and news. We do all the work so you can know all about it!

As a reader, it is extremely convenient for you to have a single and authentic source of all the hemp information you would ever need to know. That is also the philosophy behind our company. HempWiki aims to provide a platform on all things to do with hemp.

We aim to establish a relationship of trust and reliance with our readers, so they look to us when trying to know more about this growing raw material. We breakdown the legal updates, frequently asked questions, latest discoveries, and also have a detailed hemp glossary.

We keep our readers posted, so they don’t have to go anywhere else for their queries. We constantly update our glossary and keywords, so you have reliable information on anything you would want to know.

Its is also important to gain insight into the legal and development status of Hemp in the United States. HempWiki helps their readers navigate through all the hemp laws throughout the supply chain and as endpoint consumers!

We Value our Readers

If our existing data is not enough for a question you might have, then feel free to contact us. You can recommend a topic you might want to know more about, and our team will respond to you promptly.

If you have a hemp-related query that you cannot find an answer to, you can email us at [email protected]. You can also drop any feedback, and our team will happily accommodate and cater to your needs!


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